Our Sur le Mur Management team represents both well-established and emerging artists. We handle career decisions, create new opportunities, and manage art business affairs. 

We provide our artists with a professional and individualized working relationship. Our team offers personal consulting in making complex decisions regarding the future of the artist’s career. We manage marketing, public relations, negotiate contract agreements, offer career advisement, organize future exhibits and obtain new venues, publicize their works, and obtain commissioned work as well.

Our team at Sur le Mur guides and fosters the talent of emerging artists. We help direct their careers and place them in custom work projects to further their profession, locally and in the international market. We work with the individual artist and collaborate to help them realize their vision and goals.  Our team will curate a personalized show to give the artist tailored exposure and new clientele. 

Sur le Mur works on a national and international level, providing the artist with the optimal exposure and contacts. Whether you are early in your career or well established, we help the artist develop a following and attain a higher level of success.